Alexandre Pato - TOP 5 insane goals

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Alexandre Pato - TOP 5 insane goals

Alexandre Pato - TOP 5 insane goals Video

Every football generation has a lot of talented, outstanding and memorable football players. We all remember almost every player who succeed, achieved recognition and won a lot of trophies. However, we also remember those players, who make public love them, however they weren't able to achieve all of their potential. One of such players, is Alexandre Pato.

The young Brazil player started to delight its fans with his fantastic dribbling, speed and amazing goals out of the box. Unfortunately, Alexandre wasn’t able to reach maximum of his potential, having the best period in Milan. Than player had to return to Brazil, face some loans, China, a new chance to reborn in Villarreal and get than back to homeland.

The greatest players success is Seria A championship and Golden Boy trophy. On 2nd of September Alexander will rich his 30 years. Let’s take a look at his main goals.