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On Sunday, 24th of March we gonna to see an amazing clash between two strong teams, Netherlands and Germany. Matches between this teams are always interesting and full of dangerous moments.

The Netherlands seems to get back to their top level after five years of struggling and team feels themself comfortable playing at home. They will play their next match against more titled team, however it shouldn’t scare or demotivate the home team. Both teams want to finish qualification on the first place and it is crucial for the Netherlands to win their home match against Germany. Now the team is very good in scoring goals and we believe they will continue constantly doing it.

Germany as well as Netherlands, is the main favorite to win the group. Team is usually control the whole match and try to dominate on the pitch. They conceded almost in all their recent matches as well as scored. German national team now in difficult situation as they struggle to play comfortable football and win all matches. expects both teams to play an attacking football and score goals.

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