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What an amazing Serie A match we gonna to see on Sunday. It is one of the best and most awaiting Italian matches. In addition, teams sits near each other in the tournament table, as it never been for the last time. Betting on this event you could receive not only a great bulk of money, but dozen of emotions as well. We advise every football fan to watch this great clash.

The home team is only one point ahead of their next opponent and Milan needs to prove their excellent recent form. The Gattuso’s team in the excellent shape. They won five of their last five games. They deserve the place they are now and hope to continue earning points especially against principal opponents.

On the other hand, Inter is also a great team, that are able to grab the top-3 position. Guest team will not try to get the draw this match and will do everything to win. Their recent form is not so great as Milan’s, however such matches is not about stats. Even if Inter would be on the last place, they will be the dangerous opponent for Milan. expects an excellent and attacking football from both parties. No matter how this match will finish, it would be a great time to spend.

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