Football betting tips for Manchester United - Watford. England. Premier League match will be held on 30.03.2019.

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Manchester United will try to improve their tournament situation after the Arsenal lose, by winning the Watford on Saturday, 30th of March. It will be a great match to watch and fine opportunity for lucky punters. We know how this match will finish.

Even though the home team is based on the 5th place of the EPL table, team is still dangerous opponent for each club in tournament. “Red Devils” are extra motivated to reach positive results as they are able to get to the Champions League zone. It is realistic to fight for the TOP-3 position. In this case they obviously need to earn maximum points with teams that are much weaker than tham.

Watford played great football over the whole season and team deserves the place they have now. The team is based on 8th position and unlikely will be qualified in the European tournament, however it is impossible they will get in the trouble by the end of the season as well. It means they are confident and calm. Even though, it will be really difficult for them to conquer against Manchester United. expects United to show their dominating class.

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