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Liverpool - Porto

UEFA Champions League is back again and now Liverpool will do everything to qualify to the next round. The English side was lucky to draw one of the weakest opponents among remaining. Klopp’s side will do everything in order to remove all questions in the first match and concentrate more on EPL. It is good chance for them to do this on their own stadium. The home side should show their attacking desire.

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Bolton - Middlesbrough

The end of the season is close and teams are pushing hard in order to reach their targets and goals. Middlesbrough will try to reach qualification to the EPL, thus they need to grab as much points as they could. The good chance to do it is to win the obvious outsider from the bottom of the table. However, it still will be a tough task as Bolton do not want to relegate at all.

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Preston - Leeds

Another match from Championship for today and one more for EPL qualification. Both teams could take part in the most prestigious football tournament next season. However, Preston could reach the qualification zone and Leed could do it directly by reaching second position. Thus, both teams will fight till the end, even though we believe that Leeds is more experienced and solid side.

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