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Football betting tips for Liverpool - Bayern Munich. UEFA Champions League match will be held on 19.02.2019.

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Liverpool was able to obtain the Champions League play-off place in the last group match. Every fan expected to see really interesting match, however it finished with Liverpool’s minimal victory. Napoli loosed any chance to reach Champions League and now plays in Europa League this Autumn. We should point out, that English side haven’t played any draw match and conceded seven goals in group. Their position in the EPL is not so safe anymore as Manchester City again fighting for the first place in the tournament.

Bayern Munich seems more decent team in this year Champions League. That have won most of their matches and scored a lot of goals.

All in all, both teams struggle to finish the match without conceded goal. In addition, all the rivals are used to play in the attacking and aggressive way. expects to see very dynamic game between Liverpool and Bayern Munich

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