Football betting tips for Arsenal - Stade Rennais. UEFA Europa League match will be held on 14.03.2019.

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The result of the first leg surprised the whole world. Now, London team is quite close to lose their place in the next Europa League round, after the 3-0 lose. We will see, who will be happy, after the final whistle on Thursday the 14-th of March.

Before the game against Rennes, Arsenal was one of the main favorites in the Europa League. Now they are 1 step before the relegation. It was really a big surprise for everyone, because the English team seemed to be in a great shape. The proof of it was the victory against Manchester United on the weekend. The one of the obvious things is that Arsenal will attack a lot and will try to win.

Rennes hasn’t showed good results on the group stage, won only 50% of matches. The team is slightly a weaker opponent rather than Arsenal. It will be difficult for the guest team to keep defending all the match. We will see, how they will play against Arsenal. expects that Arsenal will do everything to properly use their last chance.

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