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Arsenal - Napoli

What could be the least possible outcome of the match, when two attacking teams meet each other? Of course a draw. Arsenal and Napoli is quite good in the attack and bad in the defence. Teams really rarely play in draw and such an intense match shouldn’t be an exception. We believe that teams will show us a great match with a lot of dangerous attacks.

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Villarreal - Valencia

It's gonna be a Spanish derby in the Europa League. Teams know each other really good and this will influence the match. The guest team seems to be a better choice as Valencia has a good history of personal clashes against Villareal. In addition the guest team seems to be in a better shape. We believe it will be quite difficult for Villarreal to win this match.

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Benfica - Eintracht Frankfurt

One more match that we believe will we really attacking. Benfica won’t try to defend the whole match and now almost everybody in Europe knows how good Eintracht in the attack. The guest team will definitely try to score on the away as it could resolve the two-match outcome. It is difficult to believe that such unpredictable match will finish in draw.

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