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Tank Attack Method

Tank Attack Method Strategy

One of the possible strategies in sports betting is the tank attack method. Its main idea is to divide your bank into several parts (tanks) and bet each part independently of the rest.

Thus, even if one of the bets loses, it will be easier to compensate for this with the successes of the remaining tanks. A Ladder (also known as Snowball) strategy is usually used for betting each tank.

Odds 1.35, Celta - Barcelona ($ 100 for ITB2 1.5)
Odds 1.3, Juventus - Sampdoria ($ 100 in W1)
Odds 1.4, Real Madrid - Getafe ($ 100 for Ronaldo's goal)

It is up to each player to decide when to stop. Depending on your goals, you can take just three steps - or as many as ten. When one of the tanks is eliminated, the player's attention switches to the others, and the game continues. Don’t forget one important detail - when the tank wins, according to the proposed strategy, you should bet its entire winnings on the next step. This is the most efficient way to use this strategy.