Strategy Over/Under 2.5

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Over/Under 2.5

Over/Under 2.5 Strategy

Here at we have prepared a great Oven/Under 2.5 betting strategy. You can also try to play using this strategy like us.

You should take your time to analyze the last 4 games of each football team that will play in the upcoming game.

We give +0.5 points, in case the event ends 0ver 2.5 goals. When in the match both teams have scored, we add additional +0.75 points, no matter if it was over 2.5 goal or under 2.5 goals. In case game finished under 2.5 goals we subtract -0.5 points. 

We also subtract - 0.75 points if one of the team was lucky to score in the match. At the end you should sum up all of the points and check the result.

Possible outcomes are laying between +10 points and -10 points. We advise to place your bet only in case you have +5 points or -5 points. It means that in case you receive +5.5 points you should bet on over 2.5. In case you received -6 - your bet should be under 2.5.