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Martingale Betting System

Martingale Betting System Strategy

How does Martingale Model work?

The Martingale system used to be extremely popular in the 18th century by France punters. You might be wondering, why it used to be so popular? You might be sure that you will receive guaranteed profit, once you have enough money and time to keep playing using the system.

Long story short the Martingale strategy is used in a match with the even odds for an outcome, for example a 50/50-coin toss. If your guess is successful, you will double the amount of the bet. In case you lose the bet, you need to regain it in next bets. In order to get back the losses using the Martingale system, you just need to double the previous stake on the next bet and continue doubling until the win. The bettor will return all losses and receive profit after the first win.