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How to use Fibonacci football betting strategy in your everyday football bets

Strategy Fibonacci betting system

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Fibonacci betting system

Fibonacci betting system Strategy

How to use FIBONACCI SYSTEM in betting

Can you recall the fibonacci system? 1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34, simple isn’t it? How to use it in betting? Just increase your bet for one step when you lost and decrease 2 steps after every win. You should remember that each win covers two losses that you had before it. 

For Example:

1. You are placing bet of 1 EUR until you lose. The next bet should be 2 EUR.
2. If you are lucky to win at 2 EUR, then return back to step 1. In case you lose, you should bet 3 EUR.
3. If you are lucky to win at 3 EUR, then return back to step 1. In case you lose, then bet 5 EUR.

What we Recommend for the high roller: Highrollers shouldn’t go down 2 steps after each winning bet, instead they should go down only 1 step after each win, unless they win 2 bets in a row - after that they should go down 2 steps. This option allows as any other system to make profit on the long run, along with time to time tremendous wins.