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Dropping-odds Strategy

An effective Dropping Odds Strategy

The clear understanding of reasons why the odds could change is really a hard skill to earn, but nowadays, when you can access news 24 hour a day, you can continue receiving as much useful info as any bookie. You should be quick if you discover anything that may change the odds, something like injuries or absence of a player from training as obviously a lot of other punters would be ready to react on this news. When odds change without any apparent reason, punters should seriously consider betting on the team whose odds became more profitable.

You should consider the percentage of odds changing. Which change is really worth to be considered as a perceptible change? Usually punters try to follow the rule of “15%”, they consider this percentage as a minimum one in order to pay attention to the odds drop. It means that any odds change of 15% or higher will alert punters. 

Use our Dropping Odds tool in order to determine which markets have reached the “15% rule” or any other considerable odds change.