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Do you know everything about football? There are no tricky facts in the football history that you can’t recall? Nothing can compare to the pleasure of being right? Try out your skills in one of our football quizzes and we’ll see how cool you are! Has anybody ever called you addicted because you can name the European clubs with the highest average home attendances across the last season? We do not judge you for being obsessed, and especially obsessed with football! Quite the opposite - we welcome people who are overflowing with passion that bind us together. We offer a great pool of gripping questions to test your knowledge and tickle your nerves a bit. Don’t expect it to be a walk in the park. These football questions are designed to polish off the rust from your football knowledge and make your brain work intensively.

What can make this pastime even more thrilling is sharing the quiz with your friends and see who can hit the top score. Nothing can unite better and make your wins even more exciting than a good competition. After all, any kind of sport is about being competitive.

What is the trick about football questions?

Do you know that only seventeen percent of the punters are fast enough to answer in time? You simply can’t move on unless you give the answer. It might get really nasty when the correct answer is on the tip of your tongue, but it keeps slipping away. One has to possess not only profound knowledge in football history but be able to react quickly and get out of a huge footie fact baggage the right one.

Are you the one of those few selected who are both smart and fast? Are you ready to embrace the challenge and quantify your knowledge of football world? We’ve set strict limits and none of you will feel completely safe. Even our best experts who provide the most reliable football tips on the market, can’t cover all the questions. So, you think you can beat us? Then it’s time for you to take the Quiz on!

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