Olymbios Antoniades football fixtures

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Olymbios Antoniades
Olymbios Antoniades
Cyprus Cyprus
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Olymbios Antoniades - Aris's D playing in the 2. Division

Olymbios Antoniades Cyprus D currently playing for Aris in 2. Division. Olymbios was born on 1998-09-29 in . The player currently plays under the and has scored 0 goals this season. Olymbios Antoniades is 21 years old, his is and his is . During his career, Olymbios Antoniades has played for such Aris as: Aris, which allowed him to win such Cyprus Cup as: Cyprus Cup. This player is also known to many by the nickOlymbios O. Antoniades.

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Our website contains the entirety of football fixtures for all football players, including Olymbios Antoniades. We provide information on all of the previous matches, yellow and red cards received, goals scored and injuries sustained, everything that is needed for our visitors to make a correct football prediction. Everything that Olymbios Antoniades has done on the pitch can be found in his profile on Getfree.bet.

Olymbios Antoniades played his previous match for Aris in a game that took place on 2020-09-18. The Aris played this match against Aris and finished with a score of 2 - 2. The next match Olymbios Antoniades may play on 2020-09-23 against Aris in the Cyprus Cup if he enters the field with the starting lineup or from the bench. You can find full live statistics for this match at Getfree.bet.

Olymbios Antoniades - livescore today for season 2020/2021

Getfree.bet has collected all Olymbios Antoniades livescore today for this season so that you have access to the complete statistics of every football player in the World. This season Olymbios Antoniades spent 0 minutes on the pitch, appearing on the pitch in 0 matches in various 2. Divisions. 0 matches he played as a part of the starting lineup, and in the remaining 0 matches he entered the field from the bench.

Olymbios Antoniades man21d to scored 0 goals in all 2. Divisions and made 0 effective assists. The player committed 0 fouls against opponents, for which he received 0 yellow cards, 0 penalties for the second yellow card in the match and 0 times he was kicked off the field, receiving a red card. Olymbios Antoniades was able to make 0 passes to Arismates with the accuracy percent21 of 0.