The most profitable tips are now on Patreon

Guys, we've just launched our page on Patreon.

For example, you want to receive the most profitable and reliable football betting tips everyday, however do not ready to spend a lot of funds every month, our services on Patreon will help you with it. You could spend relatively small sum every month and receive at least 25 football tips every month with minimal odds of 1.5. The sums are really small for this amount of tips.

All betting tips are made with the help of our Artificial intelligence with deep analysis of all football events and moderation of our experienced experts. It allows us to prepare the most successful football tips on the market.

For you Patreon allows to receive the access for those tips and for us it is just another chance to earn money to support the website with more free football information and stats for you.

If you desire to start to receiving those tips, just press "Support" near the desired tariff.

After you subscribe to our tips, funds would be automatically charged from your card every first day of each months. However, you are able to unsubscribe anytime you want in case you do not want to use it and Patreon will stop charging your card.

Our experience says that using this tips everyday with the same amount of bet you would be able to earn around 35% - 45% of your initial investment. However, please keep in mind that betting should be used for fun rather than earnings as you could lose all of your money.