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What system bets are?

System bets are quite popular among certain punters because these bets allow you to make mistakes in your selections, which is an advantage compared to accumulators. Let’s imagine that system bet is like more complex accumulators.

Let’s look at the example of a system bet. It is possible to create a system bet using different amounts of matches, however, let’s in the example stick with three matches in a system bet, and this bet is usually called a 2/3 System Bet, as you can make three double bets and you the only thing need is two of the matches to finish successfully.

The three selections will be Milan, Rome, and Juventus. So, the three bets of ⅔ System bet will look like this: • Bet 1: Milan and Rome win • Bet 2: Rome and Juventus win • Bet 3: Juventus and Milan win

So, there is obviously a space for one mistake in your bet and you can be sure about some return if you guess the rest two selections.

System bets are very interesting solutions for those who like to bet on a lot of risky selections.