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What is single bet?

Single bet is type of a bet that is placed on the only one selection, allowing you to win some profit by guessing the only one match correctly.

When you place the single bet, you depend only on the outcome of one match. So, you have to guess the only one match, you are betting on.

Because single bets provide higher winning percentages rather than accumulator or multiple bets, single bets are always recommended by almost all betting experts in order to reach long-term profit.

Usually, single bets are placed closer to the start of the event and odds on single bets are much lower, rather than accumulators’ odds.

Example of the single bet

A player places a single bet of 200 EUR on Manchester City to score minimum three goals in a single game at odds of 1.80 (8/10). If the club scores three goals or even more, the player will earn 360EUR.