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What is live betting?

Actually, live betting is extremely simple and there is not much to explain. The only difference from placing traditional bets is that in live betting you are able to bet on the event that is going on right now. That’s it, nothing can be added. It’s quite the same as traditional football betting in other terms. This type of betting is extremely popular nowadays, so you could be sure you will find events and profitable bets there on an everyday basis. You will bet on the fixed odds at the time you place the bet. There are only two major differences between live betting from traditional one: with the first choice, you will have additional wagers, plus odds on the event change every minute. 

Additional types of wager

There are a lot of wagers that are possible to place while the football match is live and would not be available with traditional betting. For example, it can be a goal scorer or the time of the first goal. With traditional betting, it is possible to bet on the first goalscorer. In this case, the market is settled after the first goal. In live betting, you can pick up every next goalscorer. It is a common situation when the odds on the traditional market start changing before the beginning of the event. Usually, it happens after influential changes in circumstances. For example, the top team does not line up its best players, so the odds of the win most probably will increase. There could be a lot of reasons for this change: injuries, disqualifications, or even a scandal between a player and a manager. Now, just imagine how much happens DURING the match that affects the probability of various different outcomes. So, that’s why the odds on live betting change so often.