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What is double chance betting?

In brief, a double chance type of bet where you place a bet on a win/draw market on any of two teams. You win, when a team you place a bet on wins or plays a draw. You might be wondering, what are the main advantages of the double chance market? If you don’t sure about the win of your favorite team, however, unlike will lose, this type of bet is exactly what you need. Double chance market provides you with the advantage of combining the win of one team and drawing into one bet. So, it means, that you have only one outcome of losing your bet.

What are the strongest and weakest points of a double chance market?

At first, your chances to win increase dramatically as you will cover 2 of 3 possible outcomes. This makes betting on the double chance market less risky, and one of the best strategies for the long run. On the other hand, the odds for a double chance bet are much less than the odds on a regular win or draw bet, it reduces the amount of money you can win and increase the time you should spend betting. Even though this market reduces the odds so much, this type of bet became one of the most popular bets on football, as it reduces the risk of losing money. Remember, football is one of the most unpredictable sports, so you should carefully manage your risks.

What are the possible markets for double chance betting?

In order to describe precisely how double chance betting is working, we will use the match Tottenham - Arsenal as an example. Obviously, there are only three possible bets on the match, betting on the double chance. • Win Tottenham or Draw (1x) • Draw or Arsenal win (X2) • Tottenham or Arsenal (12) Take a look at all of this bet and try to answer, how does the match should finish so you will win? In the first example, you win if Tottenham beats Arsenal on their field, or the match finishes ins a draw. In the second example, you win if either the match ends in a draw or Arsenal wins over Tottenham. At last, the last example, you win in case the match won’t finish in a draw. It means, either Tottenham or Arsenal should win the match.

So, let’s sum up, what is the double chance?

Double chance is just a type of bet that minimize risks and it is perfect for placing bets on underdogs or matches where you are not sure if your team will win the game or finish the match in a draw. Even though the odds for a double chance are much lower rather than a win-only bet it is one of the favorite bets among punters, as it provides more chances to win in a long run.