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What is an Accumulator Bet?

A bet that combines two or more selections into one wager and gain profit only in case when all the selections win, calls accumulator.

The main advantage of an accumulator bet is that possible profits are much higher than in single bet. On the other side, risks also increase, because in accumulator you need to guess all of the selections. It means if one match of the accumulator loses, the whole bet loses.

Please note, that you couldn’t combine several selections of one event. 

Example of accumulator

Assuming we want to bet the accumulator with following selections: 

France - Netherlands 1 with odd 1.59
Spain Croatia 1x with odd 1.17
Sweden - Turkey 2 with odd 3.95

In order to know our final odd, we need to multiply all odds. 1.59 *1.17*3.95 = 7.34. It means that if we bet 100 EUR on this accumulator, we can get 734 EUR return. Please note, that you still need to guess all of the selections. In case one of the selections won’t be successful - you’ll lose your bet entirely.