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1x2 market, what is it?

1X2 betting, also usually called as three-way betting, it means that you intend to back or lay a home win, draw or a guest win. Below you would be able to find detailed explanation of what a 1X2 is in terms of betting market, and how you can calculate the payout. Please note that 1x2 is the basic betting terminology item, you should start your learning with. 1X2 bets became hugely popular because it is the easiest market for a newbie or a football fan to place bets. The logic is simple - 1 means that the home team will win, the X refers to the draw and the 2 stands for the away win. Apart of its simpliness, another one strong point of the 1x2 market is that it aims to show true odds of match outcome, excluding the bookmaker margin. It means this type of bet will provide you a clear understanding of who is the favorite and who is the underdog of the match.

How to calculate return for 1x2 market?

Because the logic of this type of bet is simple, thus calculations are as well extremely simple even for a beginner. You should you the next formula: return = (odds * stake) Let’s consider that we want to place a bet on the match Chelsea - Manchester City with next odds: 1 - 3.65 x - 3.6 2 - 2.06 So if we bet 100 EUR on the draw the return will be: (3.6 * 100) = 360. Thus, we will earn 260 EUR on this bet (return - stake).

1x2 the simplest market

Even though 1x2 is the easiest market to use is happy to help you with it. You are welcome to use our advanced betting algorithms and our professional tips for free. There you would be able to find myriad number of matches with 1x2 outcome. Now you know everything about 1x2 and ready to try it out today.