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We here at intend to provide everything for our users so they could place profitable football bets and find the best football statistics. We have everything one portal needs for providing all the necessary information that users from all around the world need - football fixtures from various competitions, nice and appealing interface, previews of specific matches, bookmaker reviews, necessary tools for tracking match score, livescore today, quizzes, etc.

At the top of the home page, there are several sections aligned horizontally. The first is with football betting tips, second with online bookmaker ratings, the next two are regarding betting strategies - Probability and Accumulator, and there is also a Quiz sector. Next to it is the last field - Full Menu, which leads to other sections, such as, Casino, Stories, Dropping Odds, Bonuses, etc. So basically, this is the menu that guides you through the entire website and helps you in finding someone's area of interest without too much trouble.

On the left side of the page is the list of all the football leagues in the world, with the note that the top five are the most popular - Premiership, Bundesliga, La Liga and Champions and Europa League. Beneath them are all other football countries, arranged in alphabetical order. It makes everyone easy to navigate through this menu.

Bookmaker ratings with bonuses are placed on the right side of the page. Any user who comes to the website can clearly see what is the welcome bonus offer of one bookmaker and choose the best option for himself. Above that section is the Bet of The Day suggestion. Among all the football betting tips, the safest one is highlighted in this part of the website.

The middle of the page is occupied with the football fixtures themselves, making it the most important part of the webpage. By clicking on one contest, you will get more detailed pieces of information regarding that specific event, depending on the fact whether it ended or is about to take place. If it is over, the match score is available along with the available details. You would be able to find all the scores in football matches, red cards and football matches statuses. You can also mark the game and receive all important notifications before and during the game, making this one of the better websites for following livescore today.

Live Games intends to provide its visitors with all they need to place lucrative football bets and locate the greatest football statistics. We have everything required to provide all of the necessary information that users from all over the world require. These include football fixtures from various competitions, a nice and appealing interface, previews of specific matches, bookmaker reviews, necessary tools for tracking match score, live scores, live match statistics, and so on.

How to navigate the website

Several parts are positioned horizontally at the top of the main page. The first section is dedicated to football betting tips. The second to online bookmaker ratings, the following two to betting techniques. The last field is Full Menu, which links to various categories such as Casino, Stories, Dropping Odds, Bonuses, and so on. So, basically, this is the menu that takes you around the entire website and makes it easy to identify someone's area of interest.

The list of all football leagues in the world is on the left side of the page, with the top five being the most popular — Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Champions, and Europa League. All other football countries are listed alphabetically under them. It makes it simple for everyone to sort through this menu.

On the right side of the website, bookmaker ratings with bonuses are displayed. Any visitor to the website can easily comprehend what the welcome bonus offer is and select the best choice for himself. The Bet of the Day idea is located right above that section as well. It's best to note that the safest football betting tips are highlighted in this section of the website.

The football fixtures section itself occupies the center of the page, making it the most prominent section of the homepage. By clicking on a specific contest, you will be sent to a page with more thorough information on that event, depending on whether it has already concluded or is about to begin. If the match is over, the match score is displayed along with the remaining data. All football match results, red cards, and football match statuses are available. You may also mark the game and receive all vital alerts before and throughout the game, making this one of the best websites for live scores followers.

Betting Odds

Football odds are accessible today from dozens of the top bookmakers in the betting industry, whether you're a seasoned football better or simply wanting to place your first football bet. At, you can easily locate and compare odds on today's football matches regardless of the league, match, or betting market you wish to wager on.

There's no need to jump from bookmaker to bookmaker when lists football betting odds across a wide range of markets. This allows you to determine which bookies are providing the greatest value. lists the finest odds of all major football betting markets, whether you're seeking betting odds on match outcome markets.

What are football odds?

Football odds represent the likelihood of a specific result occurring. Consider the following example of a football odds calculator. In the Premier League, Chelsea will face Manchester City. Chelsea has 2.50 odds to win the match. What are the chances of Chelsea winning the match based on these odds? The following formula may be used to determine Chelsea's odds of winning the match: • Probability = 1 divided by Decimal. So, in our case, we have: • Chelsea's odds of victory are 1 / 2.50 (i.e., 40 percent). So the odds of 2.50 indicate that Chelsea has a 40% probability of winning the match. Other popular odds forms can also be converted into probabilities. Chelsea, for example, has odds of 3/2 in fractional format. We use the following formula to turn these chances into probability: • Probability = (denominator / numerator) / denominator The denominator in our case is 2 and the numerator is 3. We may now perform the following calculation: • Chelsea's odds of winning are equal to 2 / (2 + 3) (i.e., 40 percent).

Why is it critical to comprehend the probability indicated in bookmaker odds? The answer is straightforward: value bets. Live Matches

If you're looking for the best odds on any live match, whether it matches outcome odds, Asian handicaps, or goal totals, you'll find them here.

What exactly is a value bet?

When you place a value bet, you feel the chance of a result occurring is larger than the probability indicated in bookmaker odds. So, in our example, if you feel Chelsea has a 50% chance of defeating Manchester City, odds of 2.50 are a value bet since you believe Chelsea's chances of winning (50%) are larger than the odds of 2.50. (40 percent). If you feel Chelsea has a 30% probability of defeating Manchester City, the odds of 2.50 are not a good value bet since you believe Chelsea's chances of winning (30%) are lower than the odds of 2.50. (40 percent).

Football fixtures

In some circumstances, you may desire more information about what's going on in the game right now. As a result, we include this betting research in our Football Betting Predictions.

Every day, we publish new betting previews on every major event and tournament across Europe, with each match day covered in full. If you support a club at the bottom of the league pyramid, we also cover the Championship, League One, and League Two. In our previews, we look at each team's form, situations on and off the field, and offer some football betting tips for that specific match.

Our recommended football picks for today also include information on where you can purchase each football bet at the greatest price to ensure you maximize your potential winnings. Weekend Football tips

Because the weekend is usually the busiest day for football betting each week, we strive to have weekend football tips up early. This is so that our readers may plan and place their bets ahead of time. Our weekend football predictions will attempt to cover all the major games taking place in the afternoon and evening on both Saturday and Sunday. Due to the abundance of quality games available to bet on, you may find more weekend football tips on our site than you would throughout the week.

All the football betting tips available on are completely free. We don't hide our free football predictions behind a subscription service or a paywall. To see any of our free football tips, simply visit our website before the game begins or follow our social media accounts for updates.

Saturday's football tips

Because Saturday is the busiest day for league action, the majority of our picks are targeted toward the Premier League and other top European leagues. Because there is so much league activity on this day, our most popular football picks for Saturday are usually accumulators. There's a plethora of weekend football tips available, including both teams to score, accurate score, and anytime goalscorer.

Favourite football tips

We understand that picking a few favourites to win their football games would be a quicker and easier way to pick the bets we give out, but we always strive to provide the best free football tips that we actually believe have a high possibility of landing. This means that the football betting ideas we give are not half-measures.

Types Of Accumulator Bets

1. Accumulator / Acca-- This is the conventional all-or-nothing wager that the majority of us make on a weekly basis. High risk, high gain! This bet allows you to make up to 30 selections. All picks must win.

2. Double-- Two picks, both of which must win.

3. Treble-- Three picks, all of which must win.

4. Trixie--is made up of three choices and provides you with four bets. The wager consists of three doubles and one triple. Two of the three selections must win in order for you to receive a return.

5. Patent-- is also made up of three choices and translates to seven bets. This wager will return singles, doubles, and a treble. A return is obtained by winning one pick, but a profit is obtained by winning two selections.

6. Yankee-- is a wager that necessitates four options. From those four selections, you'll have 11 bets altogether, including doubles, trebles, and a four-fold acca. This boosts your chances of winning because you just need two out of four to win to receive a return.

7. Lucky 15-- is a common option that also necessitates four picks. This time, there are 15 bets altogether, including singles, doubles, trebles, and a 4-fold acca. Only one selection needs to win to return a profit, but three winners are required to return a profit.

8. Canadian-- is a five-selection accumulative bet that combines 26 individual wagers into one. It produces doubles, trebles, four folds, and a fivefold acca.

9. Lucky 31-- is a 5-selection accumulator, but when the singles are added, it becomes a 31-bet accumulator. This bet entitles you to the following benefits: Singles, Doubles, Trebles, 4-Folds, and a 5-Fold acca are available.

10. Heinz-- is made up of six options. You receive a total of 57 different bets from those 6 options. The name Heinz is derived from the food brand. There are doubles, trebles, four folds, five folds, and a sixfold. Two winning selections will guarantee a return, but due to the number of bets, you will need to win at least four of the six to make a profit.

11. Lucky 63-- is also made up of six picks, but this time you also earn single bets on your choices. This acca is made up of 63 bets, as stated in the name, and contains singles, doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, and a 6-fold.

12. Super Heinz-- involves seven selections, which result in a total of 120 bets! The wager consists of doubles, trebles, four folds, five folds, six folds, and a sevenfold acca.

13. Goliath-- The biggest of them all! A Goliath involves 8 selections and consists of a whopping 247 bets. Doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, 6-folds, 7-folds, and an 8-fold acca are available in this bet.

Compare the Odds On The Events Of A Live Match

Using a platform like to compare odds is essential for profitable betting. Continue comparing odds on our site and taking the best available odds and placing a bet.

Consider the following football betting odds comparison example. Assume you wish to wager on a certain outcome for a specific match, such as Over 2.5 goals in an upcoming Champions League encounter. You can get the best odds on that outcome by visiting When comparing football betting today, the odds for Over 2.5 goals in our Champions League encounter may range between 1.75 and 1.85.

How do experts make match predictions?

When creating a football preview, our team of specialists uses all the information accessible to them. They begin by examining the fundamentals, such as current form, head-to-head records, and attacking/defensive skills. They then dive further, focusing on less obvious trends. To top it all off, statistics from the larger football globe are analysed before a tip is made, as well as data from the two teams involved.

All of our forecasts are well researched and entirely free, but we cannot promise that they will be correct. Please bet responsibly, and for additional information (18+), please see our gambling standards.

How do I make money on football betting?

While many experiment with various betting tactics, the greatest approach to make money betting on football is to stay informed. Make sure to join Free Super Tips for the greatest free football tips available. Still don't believe us? Take a look at our most recent winners.

Get the best odds using our football tips

When betting on football tips in the UK, it's critical to consider which bookies will provide you with the best odds on your bets. This means you're earning the best potential return on each wager. We work directly with the leading bookies in the UK to get you the best pricing for all of our football predictions. You'll find a section directly below our tips that allows you to compare prices from the biggest bookies. You may add our football betting tips for today to your bet slip on the respective bookmaker's website by clicking straight on these links.

If you don't have an account with any of the bookmakers offering the best odds, you can check out our page to see what deals you may get by signing up.

Live Games intends to provide its visitors with all they need to place lucrative football bets and locate the greatest football statistics. We have everything required to provide all of the necessary information that users from all over the world require. These include football fixtures from various competitions, a nice and appealing interface, previews of specific matches, bookmaker reviews, necessary tools for tracking match score, live scores, live match statistics, and so on.