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Our team creates all sorts of statistical reports that can easily let you know which event is worth making your next bet on. On this page, you can explore the potential financial results of betting using various betting strategies. Check how much you could earn if you were betting on favorites, outsiders, draws, and other long-term strategies. Try to make your own football predictions.

How to make football predictions based on betting strategies analysis

By filtering by the type of bet, the country you’re interested in, the tournament, the season, and the odds difference between the two teams, you can find out how much you could have won or lost on bets that match your filters. This is an excellent and convenient tool for analyzing the long-term profitability of any strategy based on existing statistics. Make your own free football tips.

The value of free football tips based on betting strategies analysis

Thanks to the betting strategies analysis, you can learn the previous results of the bets following any strategies. This gives an accurate understanding of the effectiveness of each of the available strategies in real matches and, thanks to that, it’s possible to calculate how much you are likely to win in the future using different approaches to betting. provides all data, predictions, articles, and statistics absolutely free of charge, which helps our clients to make their football betting tips effectively. Explore all betting strategies to increase the number of event options you can bet on.

All strategies, that us might use: Accumulator Bets With Draw, Tank Attack Method, Two Steps Back, Dutch Strategy, Martingale Betting System, Fibonacci betting system, Over/Under 2.5, Kelly Criterion, Dropping-odds